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Your office representative will advise you of the preparations if any prior to service.

Flea and Tick Preparation
THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IS WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR YOUR PET?”  With the products that are on the market today flea treatments can be kept to a minimum.
Corpest recommends Advantage or Frontline on a monthly basis. This will greatly reduce the need to treat for fleas and ticks and your pets will appreciate it also. CONSULT WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS AS THEY ARE ONLY BE PURCHASED THROUGH THEM. The products sold over the counter are not the same as the products bought from your veterinarian.

Prior to any Flea and/or Tick treatment, the client needs to prepare for service by doing the following:

  1. Sweep and  mop any tile or wood floors.
  2. Vacuum all floor coverings including throw rugs.
  3. For Tick treatment pay extra attention to corners and along walls.
  4. Wash all pet bedding.
  5. All small items need to be picked up off the floor (furniture does not need to be moved).
  6. Items under bed and children’s toys need to be off the floor.
  7. Pets and people need to remain out of the home or treatment area for a minimum of 4 hours.
  8. If the yard is to be included in the treatment, all pet bowls and children’s toys need to be removed prior to treatment.
  9. Grass needs to be freshly cut.
Please advise technician as to locations that pets frequent both inside and outside of the home.

It is not unusual to find ticks and fleas after treatment. The treatment should start to control them along with the animal treatment in a few short days provided preparation instructions were followed. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum will greatly speed up the process as in the case of fleas. The pupae stage will emerge thus coming in contact with the treatment on the dog or floor covering. Your Corpest representative will gladly discuss your treatment.